A tale of a company committed, first of all to people, then to the machines. A company built on strong and deep mutual understanding. The goal is to manufacture machines and accessories for the textile finishing industry and become a link of high quality in the textile chain.

Positive experience follow one another wich increaseing rhytm: precious teamwork, succesfull understanding and the costant striving for a result wich always adapts one’s own creative effots to the partner’s request.

The history has led to now, to the splendid reality of production destined to the four corners of the world, witnesses of a wish of quality wich blinds the CORINO MACCHINE’s name to those of the great world producers of fabrics, woolen, silk and all other fibers.

CORINO MACCHINE looks forward to the future as a place to strengthen the sense of its choice, human and productive ones, as a natural outlet to its most lively planning efforts.


Roberto Corino establishes Corino Macchine in Via Galimberti 5/D, Alba, and participates in his first ITMA in Milan


Corino Macchine moves to Monticello d’Alba to the first rented factory. Corino Macchine registers the first patents. The land for the construction of the own premises is purchased nearby


Corino Macchine inaugurates and moves to the own and actual premises in Monticello d’Alba


Corino Macchine carries out the first extension to the factory building


The Corino Macchine brand is established worldwide and the export surpasses the domestic turnover


Corino Macchine becomes S.p.A. (joint-stock company) and celebrates the first 20 years of activity


The founder’s sons, Paolo and Francesco Corino, join the company giving a new thrust


Corino Macchine continues to expand the market share with the presence in over 74 countries in the world